2009 Accomplishments and Review (Including Top Posts List)

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Each year you should take some time to conduct a review of your accomplishments in the past year.  This should be a review of your successes.  What did you do well?  What did you accomplish?  Here is my 2009 list.  (You can see the 2008 version here)


packers fanBABY

At the end of April we welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world.  He continues to be healthy, happy, and big! :)   He brings joy to our lives on a daily basis and certainly is the most important thing about 2009.


Unlike previous years, we stayed closer to home in 2009, but did travel significantly throughout North America:

  • visited 12 States and 4 Canadian Provinces
  • highlights include Old City Quebec & Johnson Space Center in Houston


Continued to focus on both the Success Professor blog and on our Home Business Program where we help people to get healthy, go green, and earn extra money while they do it:

  • had over 10,000 page views in one month
  • again earned over $10,000 in our home business program
  • helped three people reach the leadership levels in our home business program


  • completed time on leadership of our church after over 4 years of service
  • continued to oversee bookkeeping and finances for our church

Career/ Work

  • successfully completed the GMAT, scoring in the 98 percentile!
  • applied to PhD programs for fall of 2010
  • once again taught my largest ever classes

houston space centerPersonal

  • maintained my weight (after losing 14 lbs in 2008)
  • established a full emergency fund (article on this coming soon!)
  • saw the Broadway musicals: Jersey Boys, In The Heights, Chicago
  • visited another Major League Ballpark (Milwaukee) to watch a game

Most Read Posts of 2010

1. How to Make a Good First Impression
2. The Importance of Keeping Consistent
3. How to Stay Consistent
4. What is Holding You Back?
5. 6 Steps to Defeating Self Doubt
6. 8 Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Quickly
7. Lou Holtz’s 5 Keys to Success
8. How to Work in Bursts
10. What is Your 4 Minute Mile?

Thank you all for your support in 2009, and best wishes for 2010!

Written by:

The Success Professor – Danny Gamache

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9 Responses to “2009 Accomplishments and Review (Including Top Posts List)”

  1. Mighty says on :

    Hi Danny, my first time on your site. :) This post is a good starting point for me. Happy New year!

  2. Kyle says on :

    Congrats on a great 2009, Danny!

  3. Ken Kurosawa says on :

    Danny congrats on the GMAT! What area of study will you be going into?

  4. The Success Professor says on :

    Thanks Mighty – welcome here!

  5. The Success Professor says on :

    Thanks Kyle! Of course I didn’t run any triathlon or anything! :)

  6. The Success Professor says on :

    Thanks Ken. I’m apply for PhD programs in Management. Very excited about the possibilities.

  7. Oscar - freestyle mind says on :

    Great results and congrats for your accomplishments!

  8. Steve-Personal Success Factors says on :

    Wow, I want to know how you had the time to travel all over the US and Canada. Congrats on your movement toward the PhD: 98%, you don’t call yourself the Professor for nothing! Your rundown of goals is very positive and inspiring!

  9. The Success Professor says on :

    Thanks Steve! :) We used our holiday to travel. We have 5 weeks of holidays so that helps. We drove almost everywhere and that helps allow us to cover a lot of ground. We usually fly somewhere overseas, but felt driving would be better with a newborn. I’m glad my story provides a little inspiration, thanks for the encouragement.

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