Sunday Browsing: Foolish Productivity, Attacking Your Limitations and Success as an Entrepreneur

Hi everyone,

As we end one week and prepare to start another it can be a great time to reflect on our accomplishments and goals. Tuesday is month end. Do you have any goals you still need to accomplish this month? Why not go for them? Finish the month strong and then use the start of a new month to set new goals and start over!

Here are some great blog posts that I came across in the past week:

The new blog Lateral Action talks about Foolish Productivity.

Get Rich Slowly shares how being a successful entrepreneur Is Not About You.

Think Simple Now has a great article on How to Be Outstanding.

Leo @ Zen Habits writes about how to Attack Your Limitations.

Dumb Little Man shares How to be More Disciplined and Organized When Working From Home.

Here are a couple of blog carnivals that I was a part of this week:

Rich Life Carnival

Working at Home Blog Carnival

The Success Professor – Danny Gamache

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